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EO2 Concepts offers a complete advanced wound treatment system that provides Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen (CDO) therapy.  This novel therapy generates a continuous flow of pure, humidified oxygen and delivers it using an Oxygen Diffusion Dressing (OxySpur®) to accelerate closure of wounds, relieve pain and reduce scarring.  The wearable oxygen generator continuously monitors wound bed pressure to ensure efficacious delivery of oxygen to the healing wound while preventing capillary collapse to ensure nutrient flow to the wound.  CDO therapy has been shown to reduce healing time and overall cost of care in a wide variety of wounds, including but not limited to ulcers (diabetic, pressure, venous/arterial), grafting, wound dehiscence and surgical closure.


Any wound can be oxygen compromised as a result of disrupted microvasculature.  CDO can remove this barrier to healing by allowing the wound to breathe as we normally do: continuously.


BRAEMED Ltd. (Distribution Partner for EO2 Concepts)

Braemed, for over 30 years, has been one of the leading distribution channels for innovative medical products throughout Canada.  Braemed strives to provide niche products and accurate up to date information on current and future medical innovations. We do this to ensure industry personnel, like yourselves, are armed with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their patients and staff alike.


Braemed recently partnered with EO2 Concepts in Canada, bringing Continuous Topical Oxygen Wound Therapy to the forefront for Canadian patients and medical workers alike.  Since partnering, we have witnessed extraordinary results for many patients in Canada.  We hope you stop by our booth to witness some of the amazing case studies, and see the results for yourselves.

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Product Education

CASE STUDY - Treatment of Pressure Ulcer, BKA, using EO2 – Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen

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EO2® Clinical Research Summary

AWC Pain Study

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EO2® Clinical Research Summary

Armstrong/Lavery DFU Fully-Blinded Placebo Study

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POWER POINT - Hard to Heal Lower Extremity Wounds: Understanding the Role of Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen

Karen E Campbell PhD, RN, NSWOC

Kathy Mutch BScN, RN, NSWOC, WOCC (C)

Rosemary Hill  BScN, RN, CWOCN, NSWOC, WOCC (C)

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