Dr. Christine Murphy




Dr Murphy is a nurse specialist in complex vascular wounds who has worked with her team to develop a multi-professional Limb Preservation Clinic. Chris has been a nurse for over 30 years and completed a degree in Tissue Viability, Masters of Clinical Science in Wound Healing, and PhD investing healing challenges in a vascular population. Her research included a RCT on ultrasound debridement in the vascular population. 

Currently President of NSWOCC and co-chair of the RNAO ostomy guideline update, Chris is a core faculty member of the Western University MClSc Wound Healing program. Chris recently won the Registered Nurses Foundation of Ontario (RNFOO) Inaugural Nurse Innovator Award implementing nurse-applied ultrasound debridement in the Limb Preservation Program, tracking both wound and patient-reported outcomes, with planned health economics analysis. Her area of clinical interest is wound hygiene, combined with pro-active wound therapies provided within a window of opportunity post-revascularization. 


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