We are a tenured global leader addressing the local needs of our healthcare partners. Our dedicated teams and clinical champions focused on streamlining transitions in care – innovating to create value, standardizing patient care across the continuum, and enhancing clinical outcomes.

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Product Education

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    Medline is proud to support the CINAHL Library:

    CINAHL is accessible to NSWOC members and students in the WOC-EP and SWAN programs. It is a data base library that supports our members in sourcing research to implement evidence based care. Members will find access to best practice recommendations, positions statements, standards of practice and publication articles. 

    As part of our Skin Health and Wound Management Program, we conduct an assessment of front line staff knowledge and build a customized education program based on the needs identified. Through the implementation of this program, we empower frontline staff with knowledge, supporting transference of knowledge from theory based content to the bedside. Our guidance, education and intuitive products reinforce the right habits and optimize skin health decision-making, positively impacting clinical outcomes.

  • IoPlex

    Our Iodophor Foam Dressing is leading innovation with its antibacterial iodine controlled-release technology, while turning white as the iodine is released. It is a hydrophilic, highly absorbent foam that effectively removes exudate and debris.

  • AccuWrap

    AccuWrap is a two-layer system that delivers therapeutic compression to manage venous disease and associated edema for up to 7 days. Its thin, streamlined layering and breathable materials make it easier for patients to continue wearing AccuWrap for the length of their treatment.

  • Remedy Family

    Medline Remedy offers an unwavering commitment to raising the standards of skincare for patients, caregivers and facilities. Its colour-coded system allows for easy product identification while providing a systematic approach for optimal care at every level of acuity.

  • Marathon XL Skin Protectant

    Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant protects from the effects of friction and moisture such as urine, sweat and other bodily fluids that can cause maceration. Its robust, flexible and long-lasting formula is fast drying and breathable. It’s transparent, purple tint allows users to know exactly where it is being applied, while being able to see what is happening underneath.

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