Ostomy Canada Society

Ostomy Canada Society is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to all people with an ostomy and their families, helping them to live life to the fullest, through support, education, collaboration and advocacy.

Organization Education

  • Ostomy Canada Society Brochures

    1. Do you feel like you are the only one? - A description of the services offered by Ostomy Canada Society. https://www.ostomycanada.ca/brochures/

    2. Disability Tax Credit for people living with an ostomy - An explanation of how to apply for the Disability Tax Credit. https://www.ostomycanada.ca/dtc/

    3. Ostomy Youth Camp - A description of the Youth Camp Program. https://www.ostomycanada.ca/camp/

    Brochures 1 and 2 are also available in French.

  • Ostomy Visitor Program Manual

    A manual for workshops to train persons with an ostomy and spouses and significant others as qualified visitors.

  • Ostomy Canada Society Awards Program

    1. WOC-EP Nurses Award - a financial award in support of RNs completing the ostomy unit of the Wound, Ostomy and Continence-Education Program to become qualified NSWOCs.

    2. Post-Secondary Education Award - a financial award in support of students with an ostomy pursuing post-secondary education.

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