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Perfuse Medtec Inc. is a privately-owned Canadian company based in London, Ontario. We are the exclusive Canadian distributor for the wearable geko™ device, an innovative muscle pump activator designed to enhance the body’s ability to increase blood flow. It generates about 60% of the blood flow of continuous walking. We provide market and clinical development support to the Canadian Wound Care community and beyond. We are pleased that much of the clinical evidence for the device has been generated in Canada. We are proud of the fact that the geko™ device has also been deployed to help treat the most serious cases of COVID-19. The primary purpose is the prevention of dangerous and life threatening venothrombotic events.

Product Education

  • the gekoTM wound therapy device

    The self-contained gekoTM device is wristwatch sized, weighs just 10 gm, wireless, battery powered and is applied externally to the leg just below the knee. When activated, the painless small electrical impulses stimulate the common peroneal nerve activating lower leg muscle pumps increasing blood circulation up to 60% of that achieved by walking. In several Canadian wound healing evaluations, it has achieved a highly significant reduction of Surface Area in patients with chronic non-healing venous leg ulcers (VLUs). In patients with new VLUs, this rate was accelerated to 37% per week showing a cost savings of about $2,500 per patient. Further evidence from a large randomized controlled trial conducted at London Health Sciences Centre will report results in May for renal/pancreatic transplant. This trial demonstrated a cost savings of about $2,300 per patient by reducing hospital stay. For more information and references visit our website at

  • Research Evidence

    The geko™ device has been the subject of scientific rigor to demonstrate its ability to increase blood circulation. The body of evidence continues to grow, targeting clinical issues such as CVI, in the management of lower leg wounds.

  • User Information Guide For Health Care Professionals

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