NSWOCC President's Welcome Message

Christine Murphy

NSWOCC President

Welcome NSWOCC delegates to our first innovative virtual format conference. Born out of the need to protect our friends, colleagues and people we serve, this feat of technology driven by our passion to adapt to circumstances, provides the latest information in a time where need has never been greater.

Our population with wound, ostomy and continence issues tend to belong to the high risk, multiple comorbidity group that may be most threatened by the current pandemic. Commonly, those we serve have high health care system requirements including frequent ER visits. For these reasons there is no better time to become better acquainted with new and inspiring information to help navigate through current healthcare challenges.

NSWOCC is fortunate to have talented and knowledgeable members with skills to bring this virtual conference to you when most other organizations are on pause. Our conference planning committee, administrative staff and WOC-EP  faculty have been very busy planning a program keeping in mind engaging delegates by using the format as an asset. I congratulate our team on their success with this endeavour.

The sessions in this conference are packed with information from subject experts and clinical leaders. Interactive sessions are available so that your questions and circumstance can be addressed and content is relevant to your practice. Students, new friends and seasoned professionals alike can all participate and learn from each other. Also, not to be missed is our virtual graduation ceremony and awards event next week.

We live in unprecedented times. NSWOCs and associate clinicians have never been more relevant to support streamlined and safe care, and reduce the need for unplanned urgent visits by consistent application of their knowledge through modern format visits.  Wound, ostomy and continence health challenges do not cease because a virus has emerged. Rather, our skill and attention are more essential than ever so that critical and finite resources can be used appropriately.

I congratulate each one of you for the tireless support you provide to so many in these challenging times. We each play our part as clinicians, industry partners and clients as what must be done is faced bravely towards a brighter road ahead. This is a conference for everyday heros, and it is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to this exciting and innovative event.

Stay safe, be kind to yourself and enjoy this very special 2020 NSWOCC Conference!

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