#VirtualNSWOC Poster Library


First Place

Maintaining peri-wound skin health in elderly individuals using a new lipidocolloid foam dressing with silicone border: A case series

Authored by:

• Kimberly LeBlanc,

• Vida Johnston


Second Place

Exploring the Prevalence of Skin Tears in the Ontario Long-term Care Population

Authored by:

• Susan Chandler


Third Place (tied)

Use of Negative Pressure Therapy in Fecal Containment to Increase Mobilization in a Complex Ostomy Case

Authored by:

• Corey Heerschap,

• Kimberly Timgren


Third Place (tied)

Accelerating Progress for Wound Care Sustainability: An International Collaboration to build capacity in Argentina

Authored by:

• Rosemary Hill,

• Corey Heerschap,

• Cathy Harley,

• Shelley Masyoluk


  • Laureen Sommerey

  • Svea Ménard

  • Kim Mayenburg

  • Patrice Jull

  • Kim-Marie Meeker

  • Julie Tjan Thomas

  • Véronique Brassard

  • Pascale Bellemare

  • Rachel Bossé

  • Nancy Shuttenbeld

  • Joan Pebble

  • Kathy Esligar

  • Jodi Quinlan


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