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Sarah Russell, MSc, Clinical /Global Exercise Specialist, ConvaTec

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Sarah Russell is a Clinical Exercise Specialist, Cancer Rehabilitation Instructor and Clinical Pilates Teacher from the UK. She is the Global Exercise Consultant to ConvaTec, the author of The Bowel Cancer Recovery Toolkit and has lived with an ostomy herself since 2010.

She specialized in working with people after stoma surgery and is passionate about the role of core exercises and rehabilitation in reducing hernia risk and improving quality of life.

A unique exercise consultant bridging the gap between healthcare and physical activity, Sarah is a highly sought-after speaker and educator. She combines research, teaching, consultancy and global private practice through her virtual website The Ostomy Studio.

Sarah developed the first evidence-based rehabilitation/exercise patient program and clinician training course (me+ Recovery) for stoma care nurses with ConvaTec UKI.


Rethinking Parastomal Hernia – Exploring the Evidence and Best Practice Advice About Exercise and Rehabilitation