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By listening to clinicians’ concerns, we are able to provide the highest-quality and most innovative products available, while keeping our costs competitive. Our Key Brands: UrgoTul, UrgoTul Ag, Vashe, Drawtex and UrgoStart

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  • UrgoTul & UrgTul Ag

    UrgoTul & UrgTul Ag retain moisture in the wound to create the ideal environment for healing. The lipidocolloid matrix jellifies to retain moisture and brings the wound edges together through the proliferation of key healing cells such as fibroblasts, collagen, and hyaluronic acid. UrgoTul ensures pain-free dressing changes. UrgoTul Ag has been clinically proven through an RCT to facilitate wound progress with reduced signs of local infection over neutral dressings. It provides a broad spectrum antimicrobial barrier with proven effect sustained for 7 days.

  • Drawtex

    Drawtex provides a catalyst to actively create a new path for healing: it will actively draw the exudate away from the wound surface and remove toxic components such as slough, wound debris, and bacteria that compromise wound healing. Drawtex’s unique ability to pull the fluid vertically and horizontally against gravity allows the body to work on rebuilding itself by actively removing the harmful obstacles to healing. Drawtex is a hydroconductive wound dressing combining capillary, hydroconductive and electrostatic actions.

  • UrgoStart Plus

    UrgoStart Plus is a simple and effective treatment for all leg ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers and pressure ulcers. UrgoStart Plus is the only dressing proven to reduce healing time, right from the start, with its interactive healing matrix. It is simple to implement, acting from day 1 to complete healing, through all healing phases. UrgoStart Plus has been proven to be cost-effective right from the start. It gives you better healing outcomes and saves on treatment costs.

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