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The World Council of Enterostomal Therapists® (WCET®) was founded in 1978 by Norma N. Gill and proudly boasts members in over 65 countries. Our mission is to fulfill our founder’s vision that all patients with ostomy, wound or continence needs receive care by nurses who have specialized knowledge of this specialty. 2020 is the year we celebrate the 100th birthday of WCET®’s founder and the 40th anniversary of the WCET® Journal which is published in English, Chinese, French, Portuguese and Spanish.

Educational Products

Ostomy Pocket Guide

This 64-page laminated (15 x10 cm;4x6 inch) guide is sized to fit your pocket. With over 15 clear color photos some of the commonly seen in practice stoma and peristomal problems are illustrated. For each problem the appearance, evaluation criteria, rational and action plan are described. In addition, the urgency of each problem is coded as green for non-urgent, yellow requires routine attention, or red manage immediately. The Ostomy Pocket Guide is available in English, Chinese and Spanish WCET® Ostomy Pocket Guide: Stoma and Peristomal Problem Solving. Ayello EA, Stelton S. (Eds). Perth Australia: WCET, 2016

Wound Education Toolkit

Each toolkit contains the electronic files for a 46-page Educational Booklet, Participant Handouts and PowerPoint Presentations for the following 13 units:


Anatomy and physiology of skin, Skin and risk assessment, Wound identification and assessment, Wound healing, Care planning, Dressing basics, Bacteria and biofilms, Nutrition, Treatments, Pressure injury (ulcer) assessment, Diabetic foot ulcers assessment, Arterial and venous wounds, Planning change.


WCET Wound Education Toolkit. Zulkowski, K, Ayello, EA

Stoma Site Marking Pocket Guide

This 64-page laminated (10x10 cm; 4x4 inch) spiral bound guide easily fits in your pocket. With text where appropriate supported with evidence from the literature and over 50 color photos/diagrams, this educational resource is designed as a quick reminder of the major elements that comprise the clinical practice of stoma site marking.


Clinical content includes:

  • Why it is important to undertake stoma site marking preoperatively

  • What stoma site marking preoperatively entails

  • Who should undertake stoma site marking

  • How to choose an optimal stoma site

  • Stoma site marking challenges

  • Stomas in infants and children

  • References


The Stoma Site Marking Pocket Guide is available in English, Chinese and Spanish.


WCET® Guide to Stoma Site Marking. Crawshaw A, Ayello EA (Eds). Perth Australia: WCET, 2018


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