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Sunday, May 24, 2020



0900 - 1100




This seminar has been designed to highlight the complexity around managing high output stomas and parastomal hernias, and will include some challenging case studies of other conditions illustrating clinical presentations in our practices.
Patients with high output stomas (HOS) are very challenging to manage. Despite this complication having been identified in the literature over 20 years ago, it is still not always recognized and appreciated as to its implications for patients. This talk will define high output, examine the incidence of HOS focusing primarily on ileostomies and the challenges both physical and mental for the patient with a high output stoma. As well, we will be looking at the relationship between medication and high output. Although all age groups will be considered, the elderly with a HOS will be specifically addressed. Postoperative education, follow-up with home care and recommendations for pouching will be explored.
The parastomal hernia is the most common complication following stoma creation. In 2020, are we actively looking at and incorporating risk assessments and prevention strategies into our practices? Are we as confident as we can be that we are providing the right advice for our patients? Let’s look at the parastomal hernia evidence we have that addresses interventions that can reduce patients’ symptoms and improve their quality of life.
Lastly, some complex case scenarios will be presented including psoriasis, peristomal necrotizing fasciitis, and “why is that stoma bleeding”.

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