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EO2 CONCEPTS – Continuous Diffusion of Oxygen


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Compelling Evidence for Positive Outcomes

  • DFUs and VLUs

  • Ischemic and Vascular Wounds

  • Burns

  • Traumatic Wounds

  • Abdominal Wounds

  • Pressure Injuries

  • Painful Wounds

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  • CDO by EO2 promotes wound healing via increased wound perfusion, angiogenesis, and increased cell metabolism

  • Benefits often include SIGNIFICANT PAIN RELIEF and EXPEDITED WOUND CLOSURE demonstrated through scientific evidence

  • Indicated for multiple wound types

  • Canadian Health Economic Study demonstrates economic value and COST EFFECTIVE THERAPY

  • Easy-To-Use application while delivering 100% pure humidified oxygen directly into tissues 24/7!


Any wound can be oxygen compromised because of disrupted microvasculature.  CDO can remove this barrier to healing by allowing the wound to breathe as we normally do…continuously.


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