Frequently asked questions

How does the Scavenger Hunt work?

As a conference attendee from across Canada, you have the opportunity to win some amazing prizes by travelling from Virtual Exhibit Booth to Virtual Exhibit Booth to complete the Scavenger Hunt! Each Exhibitor at our conference has provided one specific "Scavenger Hunt Question" related to their company, products or services. Your role as a conference attendee is to visit each booth and answer the question on at the bottom of their booth to be entered into our scavenger hunt contest. Those lucky attendees who completed each question will be entered in a draw to receive one of many amazing prizes! You can check out the prizes at

Frequently asked questions

Accessing Conference Sessions through Zoom

All conference registrants will have access to the live sessions, which will all be shown using a platform called Zoom Webinars (by Zoom). Zoom Webinars have certain features to help make your experience participating in these sessions as easy and interactive as possible! All conference registrants should have received a specific Zoom email invitation for each day of the conference, which includes your own link to join each day's presentations on the Zoom Webinar platform. In this email, you should have an option to save it to your calendar so you don't lose track of the link once the conference begins.

If you don't have a digital calendar, don't fret! There will be a reminder email automatically sent to your inbox one day, and one hour before the next day's sessions start so it's always at the top of your inbox when you need it.

You will only need to access one link per day; each presentation for the day will be on the same Zoom Webinar link.

Remember - all emails will be sent to the same email you used to register for the conference.

Please note that all times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). This timing is made to accommodate speakers and guests from across Canada as best as possible.

How to use Zoom

All conference sessions will be on a platform called Zoom Webinar. To learn some important tips on how to use this platform, please click the links below:

Will the Conference Sessions be recorded?

Remember - if you aren't able to tune in live to certain sessions, you can access the recorded educational sessions on this website after the conference is over! After the conference is over, just make sure you're logged into the website and then visit the Conference Program pages. Click on "Learn More" for a given sessions and you'll see the recorded video on that page.

They will be available on the conference website for up to 2 months after the conference is over.

What Time Zone are the Conference Sessions in?

All presentations will be held in Eastern Daylight Time.

How do I use the Chat tool?

The Chat tool on this conference website is called “Members Chat” and is located in the bottom right corner of your screen. Click on it to pull up your open chat messages.

  1. To start a new message, click “+ New Chat”.

  2. Then, search for the attendee or company you want to chat with.

  3. Once you’ve found who you’re looking for, just click their name to get started. Y

  4. ou can then type a message, add a link, attach a file, or use an emoji to chat with other conference attendees.

Note: all chats will be private, one-on-one, conversations; a transcript of your messages will not be saved.

Why do I have to Sign In to the website?

Our conference website is complete with the educational program & abstracts, speakers' bios, a poster library, discussion forum, a chat feature, and an amazing Virtual Exhibit Hall!

To be able to access the recordings of conference sessions, interact in the Discussion Forum, and to chat with conference attendees and exhibitor reps, you will need to sign up for the conference website.

How to change my Notification Settings

If you want to be emailed when someone has started a chat with you so that if you are logged out or away from your computer you will still know if someone’s trying to interact with you, you can do so.

To change your notification settings at any point during the conference, just click on your name in the top right corner, navigate to “My Account”, then click on “Settings” in your account menu to toggle email notifications on or off for both the Forum and Chat.

How to use the Discussion Forum

The Discussion Forum works similar to a Facebook Group.

You can:

  • make a post that includes text, images, videos, & links,
  • comment on a post
  • reply to comments
  • follow posts to be notified when some has commented on it

When you interact with a post by commenting on it or following it, you will get a notification on the website and an email notifying you when someone else has interacted with it.

How does the Virtual Exhibit Hall work?

Once the Virtual Exhibit Hall opens at 9am EDT on Wednesday, you will be able to visit each of our amazing conference exhibitors' virtual exhibit booths complete with up-to-date and relevant industry product information through product literature and videos. Just visit the "Virtual Exhibit Hall" page, then click on a company's logo to view their booth.

How do I contact an Exhibitor?

There are a few ways you can contact an exhibitor:

  • Using the different contact options at the top of their page under their title
    • If you click on their website button, you will be directed to their website for more information
    • If they have a social media account listed, click on their social media icon(s) to contact them via a social media page
    • To send an email to them directly, click their email button to begin sending a message to their primary contact email.
  • Contact a Team Member or Rep directly
    • Lower down the Virtual Exhibitor Booth you will find the Team Members area. Each Team Member might have an email address below their name & title. You can click on one of those icons to get in touch with them that way.
    • Exhibitor Reps, who are attending the conference as well, may also be available via the Chat tool. If you know which rep you want to contact, just click on the chat tool and search for that person's name.
    • If you want to chat with the exhibitor's company account, you can search for them in the chat tool instead!
  • Using an Exhibitor's Form
    • Each exhibitor has the option to include a form on their virtual exhibit booth. Some vendors have their own branded form using their own tools, while some use a generic template. No matter how they have individually structured it, each vendor will be happy to get in touch with you after you submit a completed form!

How can I get a Conference Certificate of Attendance?

To receive a conference certificate of attendance, you will need to answer the post-conference evaluation form that will be emailed to all registrants after the conference. The initial deadlineto submit the conference evaluation form in order to receive a certificate will be Sunday, May 23rd at 11:59pm Pacific Daylight Time. We will then email all those who submit the evaluation form on Monday, May 24th.