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Equitable Health for Indigenous Peoples

Saturday, May 28, 2022
02:45 PM - 03:30 PM

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Despite federal and provincial commitments to addressing and resolving health inequities, Indigenous Peoples continue to face persistent and pervasive barriers to accessing culturally appropriate care and achieving equity. We will discuss important cultural contexts that enable practitioners to provide safe and appropriate care when interacting with and providing care for Indigenous people. The Indigenous experience which includes multiple barriers and social determinants of health, will be highlighted. We will also describe the interaction between healthcare providers working to achieve optimal outcomes and equitable care for a patient discharged to their remote home community.

In order to further illustrate the Indigenous experience, this session will include a role play which will focus on a Mr. Maskatisiwin a 45 yr old Indigenous man who speaks Cree. A married father of four, he was a Community Disaster Services Deputy & Fire Captain before he was involved in a severe motor vehicle accident. After facing multiple surgeries, he is now paraplegic and uses a manual wheelchair. Due to extensive injuries, he also ended up with a colostomy and must perform intermittent catheterization up to four times per day due to a neurogenic bladder. This role play will look at what this man went through when he was faced with being discharged from Care City Hospital.

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