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Hello NSWOCC attendees!


Welcome to our booth proudly presenting DermGEN™. As a start, here is some information outlining DermGEN™’s unique features:

What is DermGEN™?

DermGEN™ is an advanced regenerative human tissue matrix that promotes and accelerates healing in difficult to heal wounds.


DermGEN™ is effective in the treatment of difficult-to-heal DFU’s:
  1. Healing Success Rate – DermGEN™ has a greater than 80% healing rate vs 30% with standard of care

  2. Number of Weeks to Healing – DermGEN™ heals in 4 weeks vs 12 weeks with standard of care

  3. Cost Saving – Course of treatment for DFU with standard of care is $5313 whereas with DermGENTM it is $2561

Documents & Resources

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

DermGEN Infographic

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

Case Study - Limb Salvage with DermGEN™

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

What Wound Healing Will Look Like with DermGEN™

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

Case Study - Diabetic Foot Ulcers

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

Pilot Study in Canadian Journal of Diabetes

DermGEN Infographic Image.jpeg

How To Apply DermGEN™

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