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Young Businesswomen

Scavenger Hunt & Prizes

As a conference attendee, you are able to participate in the Scavenger Hunt to win some amazing prizes! All you have to do is visit each Virtual Exhibit Booth and answer their Scavenger Hunt question located at the bottom of their booth.


You'll be able to find the answer to the question by downloading or viewing their product literature, watching their videos, or clicking the links located throughout their booth.​

Once you find the answer, simply add your name and the answer into the submission form at the bottom of the booth.

There are 30 total Scavenger Hunt Questions submitted by conference partners and exhibitors, plus 2 BONUS questions: 1 for NSWOCC's booth and 1 for the WOC Institute. 


Once you submit it, your answer will be automatically recorded. All those who answer each of the exhibitors' scavenger hunt questions will be entered in a draw to win one of these amazing prizes:

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