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Do you have more questions following our Science & Industry panel presentation?

Chat with us Thursday May 26th 1:00pm—2:00pm ET

Meeting ID: 927 6543 9008 Passcode: NSWOCC

Learn more about PICO◊ sNPWT, watch our demonstration

Friday May 27th 1:00pm—2:00pm  ET

Meeting ID: 927 6543 9008 Passcode: NSWOCC


About Us

Smith+Nephew exists to restore people’s bodies and their self-belief by using technology to take the limits off living. We are dedicated to helping reduce the human and economic consequence of wounds, helping you get CLOSER TO ZERO◊: Zero pressure ulcer incidence, zero delay in wound healing, zero venous ulcer recurrence, zero diabetic amputations, and zero waste of healthcare resources. The only target worth aiming for…We’ll help you get closer.

Documents & Resources

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OneNPWT Feature Sheet

Cutting through the complexity. One compelling solution to meet all your negative pressure wound therapy needs at every stage of the wound care journey. Connect with our team to answer your questions and ask to receive the Wounds International Consensus Panel document.

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OneNPWT Pathway

The OneNPWT clinical decision tree will help you navigate treatment of open wounds.

Learn more during our Science & Industry day presentation on May 26th at 9:00am ET

OneNPWT For Exhibit.jpg

Treating Wounds Takes Time, ALLEVYN Life gives it back. ALLEVYN Life Foam Dressings. A unique quadrilobe shape with wide borders allows it to stay in place for longer. A change indicator lets you know when to change the dressing.




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