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Stealth Belt, Inc.

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About Us

Stealth Belt Inc. was established in 2009, and has made thousands of high-quality ostomy support belts for patients around the world. Our mission is to help those who have ostomies feel comfortable and confident enough to "Go Anywhere and Do Anything".

As a WOC Nurse, you teach your patients how to safely handle, apply, and change their ostomy appliances, which plays a critical role in their overall experience after leaving the hospital. You also offer resources for learning more about ostomy care, and you provide crucial emotional support during a difficult time in your patients lives.

At Stealth Belt, we understand that the impact of living with a stoma is both physical and psychological.  Many of the people who work at Stealth Belt, including our founders and customer service representatives, have ostomies themselves. Using this personal perspective, Stealth Belt is able to offer products and service that you can confidently recommend to your patients that will help them regain the confidence to get back to the lifestyles they find fulfilling. (Don’t forget to check out the results from the recent QOL study that shows Stealth Belt reduces the frequency of leakage and improves patient quality of life, found below in the resources section!)

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