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Dermatology Program Enablers

Updated: May 7, 2023

Day 1

Atopic Dermatitis Enabler
Download PPTX • 9.80MB

Enabler Premaligant and Malignant lesions
Download PPTX • 11.15MB

Formulary Enabler NSWOC Dermatology Microcredential
Download PPTX • 2.16MB

Staph Aureus Enabler
Download PPTX • 1.76MB

Enabler for Herpes Infections NSWOC Dermatology Microcredential
Download PPTX • 46KB


Day 2

HS Enabler Microcredentials Course
Download PPTX • 4.75MB

Enabler Urticaria and Related Disorders NSWOC Dermatology microcredential
Download PPTX • 1.16MB

Nail Microcredentials Enabler
Download PPTX • 3.73MB

Psoriasis Enabler NSWOCC Conference
Download PPTX • 680KB

Scabies Enabler Microcredentials
Download PPTX • 3.93MB

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