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Workshops on Wednesday and Thursday are now FULL

Thank you to those registrants who have already signed up for conference workshops on Wednesday, May 3 and Thursday, May 4th. We are excited to have you join us! You will be receiving a confirmation email from NSWOCC with the workshops you signed up for in advance of the conference, and they will also appear on your name badge when you sign in at the conference.

Workshops have now reached capacity and NSWOCC cannot create any new spaces. Please note that this ONLY applies to the sessions marked as “workshops” or “advanced workshops” on Wednesday and Thursday. All other sessions at the National Conference are open to all registrants; you do not need to sign up in advanced as there is no capacity restriction.

For those on the Debridement waitlist, you will be contacted if there is a cancellation, with 24 hours to claim the spot. However, this notice may be provided on short notice, as it contingent on the cancellation of a current registration.

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